Developments in the global rare earth sector change very rapidly, as do their uses and associated technologies. RETA members are kept up-to-speed on the latest developments related to the production of rare earths, their use in technologies and applications, and public policies that could impact the development of a healthy and competitive global market for rare earth elements.

Housed within and staffed by the American Chemistry Council in Washington, D.C., RETA is an international organization that represents a wide coalition of rare earth producers and processors, manufacturing companies that rely on rare earths for their products and technologies, as well as academic and research leaders in the rare earth sector. It is the broadest such coalition specifically dedicated to education and outreach on rare earth elements and the technologies that require them.

RETA members include leaders from across the globe interested in working together to identify opportunities that support the growth and competitiveness of the rare earth sector.

Rare earth-enabled products and technologies help to fuel global economic growth, maintain high standards of living, and save lives.

Member Benefits

RETA provides many services to its members, including:

  • Helping members stay abreast of developments in the rare earth sector;
  • Media monitoring and proactive and responsive public relations services;
  • Issue management services, including in-house legal support;
  • Legislative, regulatory, and codes and standards tracking as needed;
  • Forums for discussion on rare earth elements (REEs), their uses, and rare earth element related research and development.

Advancing Innovation

With your support, RETA will:

  • Raise awareness about rare earth elements, their contributions to modern society, and their applications in the marketplace;
  • Work to ensure that REEs are sustainable;
  • Support good stewardship and recycling of REEs;
  • Support research and studies that evaluate REEs; and
  • Educate relevant media representatives, government authorities, and other appropriate stakeholders on issues concerning REEs.

RETA Membership Details

Membership in RETA is open to individual corporations and other entities that:

  • Are actively engaged in any or all points in the production chain for rare earth materials and products;
  • Utilize rare earth materials in their production and/or manufacturing processes;
  • Are involved in the research and development of rare earths materials and products;
  • Are schools, educational or research institutions or government agencies demonstrating a serious interest in or making significant contributions to rare earth related research; or
  • Are full-time students or faculty members at an institution of higher learning studying in a scientific field specifically related to the extraction, production and/or development of rare earths and related technology.

Membership Inquiries

Contact Kevin Moran, RETA Director at