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Rare Earth Economic Report Offers Comprehensive Analysis Of Rare Earths Industry

Rare Earth Technology Alliance Applauds Formation of Canadian Rare Earth Element Network (CREEN)

RETA Applauds the Selection of Founding Member the Ames Laboratory as the New Critical Materials Institute

New Industry Group Launches to Educate Policy and Business Leaders about Rare Earth Technologies

Media Coverage:

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Rare Earth Nanocrystals and Infrared Light Can Reveal Small Cancerous Tumors and Cadiovascular Lesions [Medical Xpress]

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Tiny Particles Could Help Verify Goods [MIT Technology Review]

Your Next Smartphone may be Made from Sea Deposits [The New Indian Express]

Revealing Rare Earths: Economic Report Sheds Light on Rare Earths’ Essential Role [American Chemistry Matters]

Rare Element Substitution a Tricky Proposition [Chemistry World]

Video: Formation of Canadian Rare Earth Element Network  [Business News Network]

Rare Earths, Minerals Used in Windpower Technology, Could Fall Into Short Supply [Windpower Engineering]

Research on Rare Earth Elements in Alaska Could Help Make Them Less Rare [U.S. Geological Survey/The Associated Press]

WSGS Study Lists Potentially Abundant Rare Earth Deposits [Wyoming Public Media]

China's Dominance Fuels Rare Earth Supply Fears [Plastics & Rubber Weekly]

Abe Offers $32 Billion to Africa as Japan Seeks Resources Access [Bloomberg]

Surgeons Offer Groundbreaking Treatment for Scoliosis [KSWB-TV]

European Research Project Recycles Rare Earth Materials []

Avalon Rare Earths Project to Cost $1.6 Billion [StockHouse]

Exploring the North - Rare Earths Crucial for Renewable Energy [The GLOBAL IDEAS Blog]

Building Up Global Supply of Rare Earths [The Financialist]

E-waste Deal Could Transform Rare Earth Metals Recovery []

China Forms Major Rare Earth Production Company [Rare Earth Investing News]

Recycling Rare Earth Elements Using Ionic Liquids [RSC Publishing]

China Forms Major, State-Owned Rare Earths Group in Jiangxi [MineWeb]

What Rare Earths Are Locked in Your Cell Phone? [WGBH-TV/WGBH-AM/FM]

Japanese Miner Building Rare Earth Recovery Plant in the Phillipines []

Greenland Election Result Fuels Hopes for Rare Earths, Uranium Projects [StockHouse]

UK Seabed Resources Joins Deep-Ocean Mineral-Mining Rush [BBC]

Rare Earth and Power: Advanced Magnets May Improve Future Motors [Food Processing]

Time to Find More Sources of Rare Earths [San Francisco Chronicle]